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Aneesh Day is the Founder & Principal Consultant of Fincubator Consulting. He is former Vice President, HSBC Bank. He has a vast experience in Priority Banking, HNI Wealth Management, Financial Services & Corporate Training spanning HSBC, Citibank, ICICI, Risk Management firm Hill & Associates & current firm.

He is a Chartered Wealth Manager ® (CWM®) from AAFM US: It is the highest globally recognized designation in Wealth Management.
Holds an Award in Financial Planning from CII, London.

He has been providing Financial Consultancy to clients towards their business expansion, capital raising and deployment in high growth opportunities.

He actively trains in Finance specializations such as Derivatives, Banking, Wealth Management, Capital Markets, International Finance to select Corporates and Premier Management institutes, mostly Symbiosis group, Indira & MIT.

He is a Member of the Internal Board of Studies for Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, to bring in professional expertise and market relevance in the academics arena in terms of subject, content and delivery.